PlatoAR Modules

PlatoAR is broken into Modules, each of which teaches one or more requirement(s) from Common Core and other Standards.

Each Module is self-contained in its own sheet of magical graph paper, which is effectively both a keycard for the app to load (and cast) the corresponding module and a summary sheet of the lesson(s). Simply point your device at another sheet to load that module!

[Under Development] If you don't have the app open (or downloaded), simply scan the QR code to open (or download) the app and auto-magically load the module.

Multiple Lesson Plans are possible for each module to allow for flexibility and all sorts of different uses in the classroom — and for independent study.

Peruse the module you are interested in below:


These modules are designed to be used in conjunction with existing course activities. Please see the Resources section for Lesson Plan ideas.